10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Dogs

  1. Raw Meaty Bones Are The Best Toothbrushes

    Much is made of the epidemic of dental disease in pet dogs, which sometimes begins when they’re barely into adulthood. There’s an industry built around products, and no shortage of home remedies to supposedly clean your dog’s teeth and sweeten his breath: dental chews, mouth sprays, chicken-flavored toothpaste, water additives.

But there’s a simple, obvious and natural solution that avoids all of the fussing: raw meaty bones. The tearing, ripping and crunching involved in devouring bone and cartilage make a raw meaty bone nature’s toothbrush. All those sinews are the canine equivalent of dental floss. Your dog will adore this kind of brushing!

It’s an unfortunate reality that many kibble-fed dogs are headed for anesthetized teeth cleanings, even extractions. Raw-fed dogs, or dogs whose diets are supplemented with raw meaty bones, have a far better shot at lifelong dental health. My dog’s teeth gleam without brushing or any artificial intervention, thanks to daily chicken frames and weekly lamb necks.

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