10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Dogs

  1. The Dangers Of Roadside Sprays And Lawn-Care Chemicals

    Urban life for dogs involves a lot of chemical exposures. Consider how often your dog walks in publicly maintained parks or sports fields, or along grassy roadsides. These green spaces are almost certainly chemically treated with fertilizers and routinely sprayed with weed killers. My local council uses glyphosate, which has long been linked to cancer in humans.

Contemplate how near your pet’s nose is into the floor and just how much of his interaction with the planet involves sniffing. My puppy deeply admires each square inch of sidewalk, each tree trunk, each patch of grass.

Where I live (Melbourne, Australia), roadside spraying has been completed at the very early hours of this afternoon, and no signs have been put up warning that the region was recently drenched. Who is out first thing about this very floor? Dog owners, using their unsuspecting pups studying the pee-mail and savoring the aromas.

You don’t have any means of knowing about or efficiently preventing these exposures. However, you can change in which you walk your puppy. For instance, my puppy and I wander rather on the local shore many times every week, and I understand those outings are not as inclined to expose him .

By this, I suggest minimize substances in the house. Look at making natural cleansers out of vinegar and citrus juice rather than store-bought sprays using unpronounceable and potentially toxic ingredients. Use an air conditioner to fight off-gassing of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) discharged from many of things commonly found in the house.

Anything which helps your pet’s liver keep up with the continuous detox necessitated by contemporary lifestyle is well worth doing.

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