Does a cat love milk? Myths and facts about cats

Love cats and think you know everything about them? We have put together for you all the surprising answers to the big stigmas about cats.

They are perceived as lazy and selfish, but are known for their cleanliness and unique temperament. Some are extroverted, love company and attention, and some are directed and prefer to shut themselves in a quiet corner of the house. But anyone who raises a cat will surely be happy to tell you that this is a wise and brilliant animal, with a strong character and lots of love for the world (and you can also say a little to themselves).

Over the years, cats have managed to gain a lot of prejudice from humans – some true, some not. Considering adopting a cat? Think you know everything about them? Here are answers to some common questions:

Do cats really like milk?

The question of whether they like milk or not, does not really matter. The real question is – is milk healthy for them, and here the answer is no, in an almost sweeping way. Many cats are sensitive to lactose, so milk and its products can actually harm them.

Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Surprisingly, no. Cats are considered to be a particularly clean animal due to the fact that they tend to clean themselves regularly, often licking themselves and cleaning their fur. When they feel the drops of water on them, they catch them dirty and of course rush to shake off and get rid of them. Therefore – as a preventative measure, they will prefer to avoid water sources. Therefore, there is no need to wash them, but if you still insist on doing so – you should make sure to use a special shampoo for cat fur.

What does it mean when a cat stops nurturing itself?

As we have said, cats, by nature, are clean and aesthetic creatures, so if your cat has suddenly stopped cleaning and grooming itself, it is advisable to see a veterinarian. In most cases the phenomenon is a symptom of some medical problem, or of a behavioral problem (such as fear, anxiety or depression).

Why does a cat wake up at night?

The average cat sleeps about 18 hours a day due to a physiological need (so it is usually perceived as an indifferent and lazy animal). But surprisingly, it is precisely at night that the cat wakes up and begins to roam the house and drop objects. The reason for this is simple: cats belong to a family of hunters, and like all hunters, their favorite activity hours are – night hours. If you are interested in a good night’s sleep, for you and your cat – it is recommended to exhaust him before bedtime with an energetic game, or a good and heavy meal.

Are Cats Dangerous to Pregnant Women?

The cats themselves are not dangerous at all. However, in cat feces there is a unicellular parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. In normal humans the disease has almost no effect, but for pregnant women it is especially dangerous, due to the danger to the fetus. It is therefore advisable for pregnant women raising a cat to avoid as close as possible to the cat feces and their litter box.

During this time it is advisable for another person to replace and clean the sandbox, and it is recommended to do this on a daily basis. If there is no such option, the woman should use disposable gloves, avoid contact as much as possible and wash her hands thoroughly. Worth knowing: The more the woman has been exposed to cat feces in the past, the lower the risk of infection during pregnancy (because chances are she was already ill before pregnancy).

It is important to remember, this cat is a wonderful and friendly animal, who will be happy if you give her love, pampering, play time and a place to rest. In return, it will give you many moments of happiness.

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