Texas Shelter Builds Tiny Homes to Give Rescue Dogs Awaiting Adoption a ‘Home-Like Environment’

The tiny homes have “dog-friendly seating and workspaces, as well as heat and a/c,” according to Austin Pets Alive!

An animal shelter in Austin, Texas is taking a unique approach to housing homeless pets.

In place of crowded kennels, the shelter, Austin Pets Alive!, is constructing miniature homes for their shelter puppies, giving them a”more of a home-like environment” to reside in while awaiting adoption. Even the very small houses will also function as workspaces for employees and volunteers in the shelter.

“Introducing APA! tiny homes! These cottages will double as comfortable and quiet housing for the most in-need dogs and workspaces for staff and volunteers,” the organization wrote on Facebook, alongside photos of some of the completed homes.

The post continued, “The idea is to provide more of a home-like environment for the dogs, for decompression, training, and quality-of-life purposes. The cottages will each have their own yard and be outfitted with dog-friendly seating and workspaces, as well as heat and a/c.”

“The goal is that the dogs assigned to these cottages will move in permanently until we are able to find a foster or adoptive home for them — no more kennel life for these lucky pups!”

source: https://people.com/

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